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Country / Pop Cuts

Clay Walker – “A Few Questions” -- Album Title track, Top Ten U.S. radio single, ASCAP Performance Award Winner,

"Easy Goin'" 2020 digital single, 1.5 million streams on Spotify


Scotty McCreery -- “Clear As Day” – Album Title track, Platinum selling Album (1 million + sold)

Megan Moroney -- "Fix You Too" -- 5 million streams on Spotify

                               "Georgia Girl" -- featured on Sony debut album "Lucky"

Tenille Arts -- “I Hate This” - First single to U.S. radio on Reviver Records - Hit No. 1 on iTunes US Country Chart, and No. 5 on Billboard Country Digital Sales- over 35 million Spotify streams

Tenille Arts --  “Moment Of Weakness” ­– feature performance on ABC’s The Bachelor and 3 million Spotify streams

Tenille Arts – “Cold Feet” – voted #1 video on CMT’s 12 Pack Countdown, first single by an independent artist to be featured in Billboard Country’s Makin’ Tracks by Tom Roland, and 1.5 million Spotify streams

Tenille Arts -- 15 cuts, totalling over 45 million stream on Spotify 


Buddy Jewell -- “Somebody Who Would Die For You” -- single


Ray Scott -- “Rats Don’t Race” – Warner Bros. debut album cut


Tracy Lawrence – “Somebody Who Would Die For You” 

                              "If I could Give you Anything" - Cut on Hindsight 2020 album

                              "Runaway Heart"

Kaylee Rose -- "Love Makes You Blind" -- 10 million views on Facebook, 10 million+ on TikTok and 5 million Spotify streams, reached #7 on iTunes Country Chart

Presley & Taylor -- "Everybody Sees It", featured on "New Boots" and "Wild Country" Spotify playlists, voted #1 video on CMT's                                "Twelve Pack Countdown"

                              "Don't Even Know Your Mama", single and video


Matt Kennon – “Too Loud”


Michael Peterson – “To Satisfy Me”


Lawson Bates – “One + One” 

Cody Purvis – “Boots on the Ground”


Holly Tucker – "Rhythm of You" -- TOP 10 Single at Texas Radio 

                        “Take me Fishin’” -- Single at Texas Radio

                        "A Rose in the Red Dirt" -- Single at Texas Radio

Elba, NEW European Pop Artist -- "Remember Me" -- title track EP

Ali Taylor & Gary Wayne -- "Showed Me Love", over 500K Spotify streams

Jake Bush -- "Name on It", current single on Texas Radio

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Canadian Country Cuts

Gord Bamford – “Kids”

Andrew Hyatt – “That’s How I’m Livin” – single Canadian radio

     - "Insanity"

     - "One More Tonight"

Tenille Arts – “Raindrops, Dirt Roads” -  Song of the Year – SCMA Awards

Shantaia -- "Damaged Goods"

Codie Prevost – “You Won’t Sleep Tonight” – top 40 most played song of the year on Sirius XM Canada


      - “I’m Okay”- Song of the Year – SCMA Awards

      - “Someday” - single – Canadian radio

      - “Cruisin’ Song” – single – Canadian radio

      - “Call Me When You Get There” – single- Canadian radio

      - “One of Those Days” – single – Canadian radio

      - “From Where I Stand”


      - “How To Forget”


      -  “Quicksand”'

Emma Peterson - "Hurt like Hell"- Single, Canadian Radio


Tim Toutant – “Speed of a Sweet Life”- single – Canadian radio


Tracey James –“Connected” – single- Canadian radio

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Christian/ Gospel Cuts

The Crabb Family - "I See Revival" - *Reached #2 on the Gospel Radio Chart, featured on the album 20/20, which was nominated for Grammy, "Gospel Album of the Year"; BMI performance award

Janelle Arthur ft. The Isaacs- "One Night on Earth"

LifeWay - “The Son of God” - Stand-Alone Anthem published by LifeWay music

Marty Raybon – “He’s Still Doin’ Miracles Today”

Gary Chapman – “All About a Baby”

Holly Tucker – “All About a Baby”

Guy Penrod – “Young Enough To Know Better”

Warren Barfield – “Finish What It Started” – (The Love Dare Project – from the film Fireproof)

Susie Luchsinger – “There’s Still Hope” -  single


Lynn Anderson – “The Bridge”

Back Home  - “How Could You Not”

                        “He Remembered Me”

Chelsea -- "Walk Away" (ft. Craig Campbell)

                  "How Can I Be Silent" -- New CCM single

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Production Projects

Tenille Arts -- Tenille Arts EP  (co-produced w/ Matt Rovey)                 

                     “Rebel Child” album 

                     “Rebel Child” deluxe album 

                     “I Hate This” U.S. radio single 


Tenille Arts -- Love, Heartache, and Everything in Between (co-produced w/ Matt Rovey)

*19th & Grand/Reviver Album- Nominated for CCMA Album of the Year

                     "I Hate This"

                     "Nothing to See Here”

                     “In Another Life”

                     “Right Guy, Wrong Time”

Janelle Arthur ft. The Isaacs -- "One Night on Earth", co-produced with Janelle Arthur


Dean Brody – artist project * (co-produced w/ Matt Rovey)

Eldon Huff – artist project

John Milstead – artist project

Tonja Rose –  The Heart of Me (album)

Jack Gafford – Sinner to Sinner (Country/Gospel album)

                         Love is Louder (Country/Gospel album)

Chelsea -- "How Can I Be Silent" -- CCM single  * (co-produced w/ Matt Rovey)

Ali Taylor and Gary Wayne -- "Showed Me Love" -- country single

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My first musical memory is hearing my grandma play and sing bluegrass and gospel songs. She had no  training whatsoever, but was able to play guitar and piano well enough to pull off several of her favorites.  What I remember most is the depth of authentic soul that lived somewhere behind her singing voice.

My dad had a Yamaha acoustic guitar laying behind the couch, and to my knowledge, “House of the Rising  Sun” was the only song he knew how to play. I would pick it up occasionally and just pick soft finger pattern.

When I was 8, I wanted to play football. My mom made a deal with my dad and I that I had to begin piano  lessons if I wanted to play football. I ended up taking lessons for 3 years. During that time, I wrote my first  melody on the piano. It was a simple, crude changing of chords back and forth, but I still remember it  because it felt like it came from inside me.

My mom had a huge vinyl collection of the Beatles when I was growing up. From the ages of 6 to 10, when I  wasn’t outside playing sports, I was usually sitting in front of an old black and red Spanish-looking  stereo/table listening to Beatles albums. I learned all the words, and I tried to make my voice sound like John  Lennon. It was during this time that I first imagined it might be fun to entertain people with music one day. I  first heard country music at my next door neighbor’s house, whose mom had Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Kenny Rogers albums.

I wrote my first song with lyrics when I was almost 13. It was a song I wrote on a keyboard for my mom, that I gave her for Mother’s Day. Shortly thereafter, I became very drawn to rap music. I was especially drawn to the phrasing, rhyming, assonance, and alliteration of rappers like Rakim of Eric B. and The D.O.C. This would lead me to set up a makeshift amateur studio in my bedroom for recording rap music. I began writing down rhymes and lyrics during class in high school. Eventually, I would produce my own rap music and sell it at school. I also began performing my music while dee-jaying dances and parties. My second favorite genre as a teenager was hair metal ballads. You know- Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Slaughter, Mr. Big, Def Leppard, etc.


Musically, I experienced a bit of a turnaround late in high school thanks to a man named Garth Brooks. I didn’t know what a Garth was, but my friends began playing his music in addition to their favorite rap music while cruising the mall on weekends. There was also a country station playing at one of my high school jobs at Baskin Robbins. I heard “Friends in Low Places”, then songs like “What She’s Doing Now” and “The Dance”, and my ear was turned back to country music. Around this time, my cousin introduced me to the honest music of Hal Ketchum as well. I began taking music business classes at the University of Memphis, and then at Middle Tennessee State University. I ended up with a degree from MTSU in Recording Industry with minors in Communications and Music. I took a wide range of classes including Recording Technology, Music Theory, Jazz Theory, and Artist Management. The most influential classes on my eventual career however, were Music Publishing and Songwriting. After those two, I was hooked and I knew that I wanted to work on Music Row and hopefully become a songwriter. I took various internships including publishing companies, small record labels, and eventually Sony Music.

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