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"I enjoy writing with artists and helping them say what they want to say as effectively as possible."


     To me, music is all about being able to communicate with the world in ways that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. I love lyrics and melodies equally, and I’m fascinated by what happens when those two elements are seemingly perfectly married.

     As a writer, I feel equally confident with lyrics and melody. I believe I’m versatile across the country, pop, and Christian genres. I enjoy writing with artists and helping them say what they want to say as effectively as possible. I also still enjoy writing with other songwriting veterans who are still into the craft of a great song. While not limited to them, I most enjoy writing story songs or honest relationship songs.

     In addition to writing, I am especially fond of producing music in the studio. I enjoy the opportunity to get out of the writing room and help a song come to life.

     I’ve been producing demos, artist projects, and albums since 2001. I’m consistently amazed at the world class talent of the musicians in Nashville, and I’m thankful every time I get to work with them. I particularly enjoy meeting outstanding new artist/ writers and helping them advance  in their artistic journey. I love the whole process- including helping them grow as a writer, find their sound in the studio, and communicate effectively as a vocalist.


     I’m forever grateful to my wonderful wife for her unconditional love and support since the day we met, and my biggest blessing is being the dad of our two awesome sons.

God Bless, 





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